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We are private investigators in Brisbane. Ex-police and experienced operatives. Phone 1300 966 103, email, 24/7 inquiries form Investigator. There are private investigator information links to the left of the page. When you need an experienced licensed private investigator, including ex-police investigators, call us. Discretion Assured. Free quotes.

We have private investigators in Brisbane, Queensland. Our operatives investigate in a number of area's including:
Corporate Investigations. Sexual harassment, bullying, fraud, allegations, inappropriate behaviour, breach of contract, breach of copyright, trademark investigations, due diligence, CV verification, surveillance, civil proceedings.
Workcover, Workers Compensation. Due diligence for workplace injury claims and investigation of suspected injury insurance claim fraud for corporations, businesses and the self insured. We take instructions directly, from HR divisions, or from solicitors and barristers, special counsel or in house counsel.
Criminal Defence. Taking police inquiries to all logical conclusions, Locating the evidence the other side don't want produced in court; We are aware that not everyone charged is guilty.
Civil complaints
, including tribunals (defence brief preparation, prosecution investigations).
Background investigations,
including residential histories, major offences, property, business involvements and resume verification.
Private investigations into drug and criminal activity; we are not the police, therefore we can report back to you and let you decide what is to be done with the information.
Relationship investigations: We are the way to confirm or deny a suspicion, or verify a fact. Suspicion of an affair, infidelity, cheating, adultery, investigated.
Family Law matters such as breaches, child custody concerns, confirmation of suspicions re treatment of children or contact with undesirables, investigations of living arrangements or work.
Missing Person Inquiries,
including adopted children/birth/ mother/father/parents, and witness location for court matters.
Surveillance is used in the conduct of investigations, it may be either static or mobile surveillance, vehicle mounted or on foot, and includes covert entries.
Factual Investigation is the term given to the interviewing of persons, the gathering of affidavits (statements), the compilation of timelines, the dissection of, and investigation of, allegations (including allegations briefs) and the location and preservation of evidence.
Note that no investigator should ever promise that any particular outcome will be achieve, for any investigation, prior to completion; whilst a particular outcome may appear likely, the investigation must be completed before this is known.

We are a Brisbane private investigator; contact us for a free quote when you need a Brisbane private investigators. We conduct Surveillance in Brisbane. We are very experienced in Brisbane Surveillance. If you need to see where we operate look at Brisbane Private Investigator by locality.  When you need a private investigator in Brisbane, call for a free quote.